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Welcome to the 60 Film Experiment. Our aim is for you to produce 60 feature films around the planet.

The experiment is essentially a people powered studio.

Through a combination of public and private investment, we aim to give 60 film makers around the globe a budget of $1 million dollars each to bring their screenplays to life.

Film makers can submit feature film screenplays to the website and people around the world will be able to read and assess these scripts. The public will be able to vote for which films they would like to see made, as well as send film makers valuable criticism and observations about their work.

The experiment began in 2001. One film was produced that year, "My Little Brother's a Vampire". Our goal now is to produce another 60 films.

Our goal is to raise $60 million to give to 60 chosen film makers. Film makers who submit screenplays to the website are under no obligation to participate in the experiment. Our aim is to get your films out there as well as generate useful contributions from the public and other film makers. If a script gets picked up by a studio this is a great outcome.

Rayon Productions
Rayon Productions has been making independent feature films in Australia and around the world since 1993.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the experiment. If you are interested in assisting please send an email to [email protected]