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Seven Crossroads, submitted by Ade Adepegba, Nigeria

A gang known as the 7 Crossroads are about to be executed by military firing squad in Nigeria. As a pastor reads them their last rights we discover the events that lead up to their execution and how they all fell under the spell of their leader, a beautiful woman named Las Palma.

Angels Deep, submitted by Denby Weller, Australia

Charlotte Miller’s promising career in archaeology was halted by a tragic earthquake seven years ago. Now, Charlotte is offered a chance to venture deep into an outback Australian mine, to rediscover a creature totally unknown to science. But will she have the courage to face her deepest fears in the chilling dark of the underground? And what horror lurks in the deep, awaiting her with the patience of eons?
Baxter Comes to Town, submitted by Brodie Sexton Clark, Australia

Baxter and his gang are hunting down John Walker, a former member who betrayed them and disappeared. When they find him he has started a new life with his wife, Aretha and son, Clint. Believing the only way to settle the dispute is to lose a gunfight, John tells his young son never to avenge his death. Clint agrees, but when the gang also kill his mother he becomes desperate for revenge.

  Traffic Jam, submitted by Adam Hughes, UK

Warren Harrison is your average citizen. He's up to his eyeballs in debt and can see no way out of his dire financial problems. When Warren is caught up in a robbery gone wrong, he volunteers to help the thieves after one of them is shot dead. Reluctant at first, the thieves eventually agree to allow Warren to help them on their various jobs. Warren risks everything in order to rid himself of his financial problems, yet finds that the dangers that go with greed may be too much to handle...
  The 60 Film Experiment, submitted by Garnet Mae, Australia

Renegade film maker Garnet Mae faces imprisonment, betrayal and love during his ambitious quest to produce 60 features in a year. But how far will he go to fulfil his dream?
  f The Birthday Club, submitted by Robert Luxford, Australia

A dark comedy set in a post September 11 world, showing the impact of the terrorist attacks on victims and their close friends. Set in Sydney, Australia, during the first five years of the 21st century. The Birthday Club focuses on Katlyn and her friends as they deal with the tragedy and healing process.
  f Lost in the Garden, submitted by Adam Leslie, UK

Hyperactive petrol station attendant Heather must cross a dangerous, dreamlike post-apocalyptic landscape; avoid the hungry wandering dead; and cope with the presence of a psychotic car-jacker – on whom she is rapidly developing a crush – to track down her missing lover.
  f Brick Walker Action Hero, submitted by Robert Luxford, Australia

Brick Walker, a Martial Arts action star, is not the man he used to be. He no longer has the skill he had twenty years ago and a mistake on set leaves a co-star in hospital. Brick is kicked off the film and takes up a spiritual journey into the desert to find himself.
  Hidden Darkness, submitted by Robert Luxford, Australia

Bill is a hunter. Calligan, was once a priest, but is now an infectee. Bill has been hunting Calligan for years since he broke his word never to prey on innocent victims. The hunt has become an obsession for Bill, but he is feeling the ravages of time hunting what were once average people, but are now diseased predators.
  Nuns, submitted by Robert Luxford, Australia

At Santa Rosa Convent any vice is fair game provided you keep it discreet. Drinking, sleeping around and mild drug use is permitted, but smoking is strictly forbidden. Sister Catharine and Sister Kimberly have a plan to change that.